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Arctic Grayling

Scientific Name: Thymallus arcticus

Record Pictures

World Record Arctic Graying
Jeanne Branson holding her world record Arctic Graying caught from the Katseyedie River, Canada in 1967. The fish weighed 5 pounds, 15 ounces and had a length of 30 inches.

Alaska State Record Arctic Grayling
Scott Rider holding possibly the second largest Arctic Grayling ever recorded, caught in 2008. The fish was caught from a small local river in Alaska. It weighed 5 pounds, 1 ounces.

Angler holds Large Arctic Grayling

Popular Fishing Videos

Anglers fishing for Arctic Grayling in the Kakisa River, North West Territories, Canada. Looks very cold over there, but they are catching some very nice sized fish.

Awesome video of a angler fishing the Alagnak River in Alaska. Great music, well edited and he hooks up on some beautiful graylings.

Information & Fishing Tips

Also known as American Grayling, Arctic Trout and sailfin. Discovered by Lewis and Clark while adventuring in 1805. Arctic Grayling are one of North Americas most beautiful and unique looking fish. They are easy & fun to catch. Often jump when hooked, putting up a good fight. They are quick to bite on Artificial baits such as wet or dry flies, nymphs, and small spinner baits ( Small rooster Tails work great). They can also be caught on a variety of natural baits including salmon eggs, and small fish. Often caught using a fly rod or spin casting rod, light line, fishing baits on bottom or top. Usually when you hook up on one Arctic Grayling, there is sure to be many more in the area because of their strong schooling tendencies. Because of their high reproduction rates, they tend to become stunted in some creaks and rivers. They are seldom found in deep waters. They love cold clear uninhabited rivers, rocky creeks and natural lakes. Their strongest distribution seems to be in Alaska and Northern Canada, but they can also be found in Oregon, Idaho and Michigan. They seldom live over 10 years old. They are very slow growing, males seem to grow faster than females though. They Often grow much bigger in Alaska and Canada than in more southern USA states. They can reach lengths of 18 inches and weights over 4 pounds (Really rare though). Their meat is considered excellent eating, white and flaky. Not as oily as other Whitefish.
Arctic Grayling Distribution Map

World Record

Angler: Jeanne Branson. Caught: 1967. Weight: 5 pounds, 15 ounces. Location: Katseyedie River, Canada.

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