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Scientific Name: Centrarchus macropterus

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Near Flier World Record
Near World record Flier caught from the little river in North Carolina. The fished weighed just under a pound. A few ounces under the current world record. An amazing catch, of an amazing size.

2 large Fliers

Good sized Flier

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Information & Fishing Tips

Also Known as Round Sunfish and Yellow Crappie. Fliers are a great fighting fish, but are often too small to generate interest from anglers. They are not too popular and don't have a wide distribution range like other popular sunfish. Best baits used to catch Fliers include small Micro jigs, red worms, dry flies, and small poppers. They can be caught by using a light spin cast rod/reel. 2 to 4 pound test line. Use a tiny circle hook fished with a bobber or tiny split shot rig. Flier fish sometimes cross breed with there cousin the white Crappie. Flier's love shallow heavy vegetated lakes, bauyous and slow moving streams. These fish can be found from eastern Texas, to most eastern coastal states to North Carolina. They can live up to 9 years old, but grow slowly. They can reach a tiny weight just over 1 pound and lengths over 9 inches. The meat of a Flier is Excellent eating, white, flaky and sweet tasting. Too small for most people to care to eat them. Catch enough though and they can make a nice fish fry.
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World Record

Caught: 1988. Weight: 1 pounds, 4 ounces. Location: Spring Lake, North Carolina.

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