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Guadalupe Bass

Scientific Name: Micropterus treculii

Record Pictures

Guadalupe bass, night fishing.

Guadalupe bass caught from the Guadalupe River

caught while fly fishing.

Guadalupe Bass with Beautiful colors
The above pictures are Trophy Guadalupe Bass, caught from numerous Texas rivers. Wow Texas is lucky to have such a beautiful state Bass fish.

Popular Fishing Videos

Big rare 17inch Guadalupe Bass caught in this video. Wow these fish are so beautiful.

Educational video about restoring and keeping populations of Guadalupe Bass in Texas.

Information & Fishing Tips

Also known as Texas Bass and River Bass. Guadalupe Bass are native to Texas. They are also Texas's state fish. These fish look a lot like a Spotted bass or even Smallmouth bass but have brown diamond type bars on their sides. Often anglers in Texas don't realize they caught a Guadalupe, thinking they are a largemouth or spotted bass. They are found in some Texas lakes and ponds. Guadalupe's love rivers and streams. They don't get very big because of their native habitats and slow growth. Anything over 1 1/2 pounds is considered very rare and a trophy fish. They love small jigs and spinner baits and also can be caught on small live baits using a light spincast rod and reel setup. Also popular among fly fisherman in Texas. Found in deep slow moving pools of rivers and streams. They prefer clear, colder water compared to other bass. They spawn in early spring on gravel type bottoms. If you're ever in Texas and love bass fishing, you owe it to yourself to go fishing for some Guadalupe Bass. Most anglers do not keep & eat these fish because of their small native range.
Guadalupe Bass Distribution Map

World Record

Angler: Allen Christenson Jr. Caught: September 23,1983. Weight: 3 pounds, 11 ounces. Location: Lake Travis, Texas.

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