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Hickory Shad

Scientific Name: Alosa Mediocris

Record Pictures

World Record Hickory Shad Caught By Trey Maroules
Wow, what a whopper. This is the 4 pound, 1 ounce world record Hickory Shad. Caught by Trey Maroules from Pitchkettle Creek, North Carolina in 2004. Amazing catch considering very few over 3 pounds have ever been caught.

2 1/2 pound hickory shad
Angler proudly holds a nice sized 2 pound Hickory Shad he caught from the Schuylkill river in Philadelphia. This is considered to be in the upper average size for these fish.

Popular Fishing Videos

Very informational video about how to fish, baits to use, and when to fish for Hickory Shad. These anglers are fishing the Neuse River in North Carolina.

Exciting. Angler hooks up on tons of nice sized Hickory Shad and putting them up to the camera for a good look. He is fishing the Christina River in Delaware.

Information & Fishing Tips

Also known as Taylor and Hick Shad. Hickory Shad are not as popular as their cousin the American Shad, because of their smaller size. Both fish species are often caught together usually on the east coast. Hickory Shad spawn runs often start close in the same time frame (November to July) or 3 to 2 weeks before depending on the water temperature. They are found in eastern coast line rivers and tributaries during their spawn run from the Atlantic ocean, from Florida, USA up to Nova Scotia, Canada. They usually complete their spawn by mid summer, either returning back to sea or end up dieing. Even though these fish are smaller in size compared to American shad, they pack more amazing Acrobatic fights. Light line, Spincast/fly Rod fished with small spoons, jigs, flies or shad darts seem to work best. Natural foods or baits include small fish, fish eggs, crabs, squid and insects. They grow much slower than American shad. Max age is around 11 years but most will die before 6 years. They can reach lengths of 20 inches, and weights just over 3 pounds. Anything over 2 1/2 pounds is rare and considered a Trophy. The meat quality is not that good compared to other Game Fish. Best eaten Smoked. Many Anglers say Hickories have the most delicious eggs though.
Hickory Shad Distribution Map

World Record

Angler: Trey Maroules. Caught: 2004. Weight: 4 pounds, 1 ounces. Location: Pitchkettle Creek, North Carolina.

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