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Largemouth Bass

Scientific Name: Micropterus salmoides

Record Pictures

world record largemouth bass
The long standing and current World Record Largemouth Bass Caught by George W.Perry weighing in at 22 pounds, 4 ounces, caught on June 2, 1932. Many new age bass anglers don't think the fish weighs over 19 pounds. The weighing scales were not that great in 1932. Could be valid, maybe not. We will never know.

25 pounds, 1 ounces Largemouth Bass

Dotty Largemouth Bass Dead
This is the biggest Largemouth ever seen. She was named Dotty. The fish weighed 25 pounds, 1 ounces and was caught by Mac Weakley at Dixon Lake, Ca. Was not counted as a world record because the fish was foul hooked (snagged), but was released back into Dixon Lake. The second picture shows Dotty Dead. Dotty was found by the DFG (Department of Fish & Game) dead a few months later. RIP Dotty you were the biggest bass ever.

Manabu Kurita 22 pound, 5 ounces Largemouth Bass

The Tied World Record Largemouth Bass
The 2nd largest Largemouth ever caught. Caught by Manabu Kurita at Lake Biwa, Japan. Caught on July 2nd, 2009. This fish was 22 pounds, 5 ounces. 1 ounce bigger than the world record. This Bass did not beat the world record by 2 ounces so it's considered a Tying record.

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Manabu Kurita weighing and measuring his tied world record Largemouth. he looks very excited. I would be to.

One mans quest to catch the Worlds biggest from Dixon Lake does not end well. Dotty 25 pounds 1 ounce that Mac Weakley had previously caught, dies.

Information & Fishing Tips

Also known as black bass, green bass, bigmouth and linesides. Largemouth Bass are North America's most popular game fish. They are fun and very challenging to catch. That's why anglers are attracted to them. They love heavy cover, from submerged vegetation, flooded timber, brush, to car tires and shopping carts. They are known to thrive in natural lakes, reservoirs, ponds, slow-moving rivers and streams. They prefer and grow larger in warmer water's, found usually in depths 20 feet or less. They can be found in cold ice frozen lakes also, but tend to grow smaller in these regions. There are two popular strains of Largemouth bass. The Northern Strain and Florida Strain. Both species look very much alike, Northerns tend to have a bit more vibrant colors overall, Florida's have darker lateral lines. The main difference is Florida strain Largemouth can grow to a much larger size faster and reach weights over 22 pounds. While Northern Largemouth can reach weights over 12 pounds. When hooked these fish head for the surface in an attempt to shake out the hook or dive down in attempt to hang up on weeds or logs. They will strike any kind of Artificial lure or live bait if hungry or agitated. Best lures include Plastic worms, surface plugs, crankbaits, rattle traps and anything else that mimics a fish, frog, lizard or worm. Live minnows and Goldfish also work great, but are illegal to use in many states (Such as California). They can be caught on so many different setups. Popular Worming rigs include Texas Rig, Drop Shot Rig, and Carolina Rig. Typically most anglers use built for bass Baitcast reels & Rods or Spincast Reels & Rods. Although I have caught many on lighter gear and generic fishing rods & reels. Skills slowly Learned by the angler and his/her technique is more important, than the expensive gear you might have when fishing for these fish. Anywhere from 8 to 20lb test line seems suitable, depending on how big the fish you are going for, how heavy the cover is you are fishing and how big the lure is you are throwing. The best fishing time is in spring or summer, however they can be caught all year long. Usually fishing is tough in winter and fall months though. They spawn in spring around sand or gravel bottoms in shallow water near weeds or logs. They can live up to 16 years old in warmer waters. They are found in every US state except Alaska, also found in southern Canada and Mexico. They are not the best eating fish, often tasting like grass or weeds. The table quality depends on the lake they are taken from. They have become such a sport fish, it is always recommended to catch-and-release them. If you love fishing for them, you probably should Eventually join a local Bass fishing tournament or club.
Largemouth Bass Distribution Map

World Record

Angler: George W. Perry. Caught: June 2, 1932. Weight: 22 pounds, 4 ounces. Location: Georgia's Montgomery Lake, Telfair County, Ga.
Angler: Manabu Kurita. Caught: July 2, 2009. Weight: 22 pounds, 5 ounces. Location: Lake Biwa, Japan

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