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Northern Pike

Scientific Name: Esox lucius

Record Pictures

World Record Northern Pike
The current world record Northern Pike caught by Lothar Louis. The fish was caught on a large spoon lure from Grefeern Lake in Germany. The only picture taken was in Black and White, makes the picture look much older then what it really is. This Pike was caught in 1986.

Potential World record Northern Pike.
This is a 55 pound Northern Pike caught from Rainy Lake, Canada in 2008. The angler in the picture is unknown and this record was thrown out due to the fish being foul hooked. The large fish clamped on the sucker fish and could not let go, so the pike was never hooked.

Huge Northen Pike from Ireland
Oh no!!! the possible world record Northern Pike that was never weighed. This fish came from a river in Ireland, to me it looks like it could be bigger than the world record by a couple of pounds.
Angler holding 43 pound New York State record Northern Pike.

Popular Fishing Videos

The biggest Northern Pike ever caught in France. 53.9 inches long over 40 pounds.

Two guys from a fishing show catch some nice trophy Pike.

Information & Fishing Tips

Also Known as jackfish, pickeral and snake fish. Northern pike is the worlds most popular Pike. These fish can be found in northern USA, Canada, and all over Europe. These fish are easy to catch because of there predatory aggressive nature. They are usually not picky. As long as they are hungry they will attack your bait. Popular baits include spoons, spinners and jerk baits, However the biggest fish have been caught on 1 pound live minnows fished under a float bobber. Naturally they feed on any meaty animals they can find, including fish, birds, frogs, crayfish, ect. Make sure you use at least 2 feet of wire leader line attached to your hook. They are known to shred normal Mono line with there sharp teeth. Northern's are known for powerful fights, often with leaping and thrashing involved. They can be found in any type of water. Warm or cold, large or small rivers and lakes. They prefer heavy weed growth though. They grow the biggest in weedy bays of large natural lakes with heavy cover. They spawn in early spring around connecting lake streams, marshes and weedy bays. They live longer in colder Northern areas than warmer water areas. They can live up to 25 years old. They can reach lengths over 60 inches and weights over 45 pounds. Northern Pikes are good eating, but you must very careful not to eat bones. If filleted correctly all bones can be avoided.
Northern Pike Distribution Map

World Record

Angler: Lothar Louis. Caught: 1986. Weight: 55 pounds. Location: Grefeern Lake, Germany.

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