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Scientific Name: Polyodon spathula

Record Pictures

Commercial fisherman hangs up his 120 pound Paddlefish catch.

144 pound world record Paddlefish hung up, caught by Clinton Boldridge.
Sorry for the bad photo quality. Unfortunately this was the only picture taken of this massive fish. This is the world record Paddlefish. Caught by Clinton Boldridge fishing Watershed Dam, Kansas. He was actually fishing for carp when he hooked up on this 144 pound world record in 2004. Its an amazing catch because they rarely bite on bait, and are usually caught by being foul hooked (Snagged).

Guy shows off his snagged Paddle fish he caught from the Missouri River in Montana.

Popular Fishing Videos

nice big 50 plus pound paddlefish. What a brute!!!

80 pound Paddlefish almost as big as the Angler, shown on day time news in the early 90's!!!

Information & Fishing Tips

Also known as Spoonbill or Spoonie. Paddlefish are a very odd looking Game Fish. Called Paddle-Fish because they have a paddle looking object sticking out from their face. Usually when caught they attract a crowd. Not uncommon for people to say "What is that thing"? Some people don't even think they are fish when they first see them. They are very strong fighters that like to jump & swim in strong current when hooked. These fish demand a Heavy set up with 30 to 50 pound test line. Heavy Spincast Rod & reel. Using a Big sinker (3 to 7 Ounce) and Large treble snagging hooks. Sometimes anglers rig a series of 3 hooks 1 feet a part from each other. They are mainly plankton eaters, so they rarely bite a baited hook. The best way to catch them is to snag them. They prefer Large deep Rivers, adjoining backwaters with slow and fast current around muddy or gravelly bottoms. They spawn in Spring usually when river water levels rise. They are found all over mid eastern United states. They are a fast growing fish in there early years. They can live to be over 40 years old. Possible for these fish to grow to lengths over 95 inches and weights over 140 pounds. The meat of a Paddlefish is very good eating, fresh or smoked. Some people say it tastes like chicken. There caviare (fish eggs) are excellent eating.
Paddlefish Distribution Map

World Record

Angler: Clinton Boldridge. Caught: in 2004. Weight: 144 Pounds. Location: Watershed Dam, Kansas, USA

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