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Tiger Trout

Record Pictures

World Record Tiger Trout Weighed 13 pounds, 12 ounces
Evan Roda holding his monster World record Tiger Trout weighing 13 pounds, 12 ounces. Caught from Fish Lake, Washington in 2008.

Angler holds a beautiful tiger trout

Kid holds a large tiger trout with amazing colors.
As you can see this hybrid trout (Cross between a Brown and Brook Trout = Tiger Trout) is one of the most beautiful. The above pictures showing off some of the biggest caught along with the best looking. I hope to someday catch one of these amazing hybrids.

Popular Fishing Videos

Amazing Tiger Trout video showing off a anglers collection of these fish he has caught. Really fitting music also.

Nice Tiger Trout caught from Knotts Creek Reservoir, NV

Information & Fishing Tips

Also known as Mac Trout, hybrid trout, barred trout. Tiger Trout are a natural hybrid (Cross) between a Brook and a Brown Trout. They are often found in streams and lakes that contain both Brook and Brown trout. Out of all the trout I think they are the most beautiful. They are not as weary as a brown trout, but also not as easy going as a brook trout. They are most popular among fly fisherman, fishing wet or dry flies. Some hatcheries have artificially created these fish also, due to there popularity. If you know of a stream or lake with a large amount of Brown or Brook trout, chances are someday you will catch one of these fish. They bite of the same baits as there parents. They are not as shy as a Brown trout, more willing to bite like brook trout.

World Record

Angler: Evan Roda Caught: in 2008. Weight: 13 pound 12 ounces. Location: Fish Lake, WA, USA.

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