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Scientific Name: Lepomis gulosus

Record Pictures

Tony Dempsey holding world record Warmouth.
Tony Dempsey holding the current world record Warmouth. The fish weighed 2 pounds 7 ounces. It was caught from Guess Lake, Florida in 1985. Considering these fish rarely get bigger than a 1/2 pound, this fish is a hog.

Douglas Koenig holding Ohio state record Warmouth.
Douglas Koenig holding a 1 pound, 3 ounce Ohio State record Warmouth, caught from a farm pond on July 9th 2009.

Near State record Warmouth fish

Two very nice Trophy Warmouth

Popular Fishing Videos

Angler showing off his nice sized Warmouth that he caught and released.

Kid fisherman catches a lot of Warmouth from a small pond.

Information & Fishing Tips

Also Known as Stumpknocker, Goggle-Eye and mean sunfish. Warmouth are a very attractive, and hold the coolest fish name ever. They are aggressive strikers and strong fighters when active in summer months. They can easily be caught by using subsurface flies, poppers and jigs. For live baits, its best to use small red worms. Standard light Spincast rod & reel set up with 2 to 4 pound test is good enough. Anglers often use a long cane pole and fish baits in and out of heavy vegetated openings to catch these fish. They are found in shallow lakes, ponds, and slow moving streams. They can be caught in muddy areas with weed overgrowth, stumps or logs. They spawn in late spring to early summer around stumps, rocks or heavy submerged vegetation. They can be found in southern California to southern mid and Eastern states. Warmouth can live up to 8 years and reach weights over 2 pounds and lengths up to 12 inches. The meat is good eating, but not considered a popular food fish because of small average size and bones.

Warmouth Distribution Map

World Record

Angler: Tony Dempsey. Caught In: 1985. Weight: 2 pounds, 7 Ounces. Location: Guess Lake, Florida.

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